Samsung AC checksum calculation

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Samsung AC checksum calculation

Post by Suresh »

Hi all,
I am trying to figure out the checksum method of a SAMSUNG make Air-conditioner using the checksum calculator. But none of the results seems to be matching. For example, the hex code received for temperature 18 deg with both fan and swing off is 80 47 7f 8e 04 88 0f (Little Endian). In this, I believe that the second byte (47) represents the checksum. I tried many ways to find the checksum like by removing the second byte (80 7f 8e 04 88 0f) but nothing did really help. Any kind of help really appreciated.

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Re: Samsung AC checksum calculation

Post by AnalysIR »

As per my email...
I will look into this later for you.

But first I need the following:

- Send me a full set of signals from the AC unit using AnalysIR. (Include at least Power ON/OFF, Temp from 16degC to 30degC, make sure to label each signal in the button column and in order eg 16, 17 ,18,,,,29,30 etc.
- In AnalysIR, save the session via Menu->File->Save Session and email it to me.

It may take more than 1 day for me to respond.
You can email the session file or post it here, but lets continue the issue here, so everyone can benfit for future reference.

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