Latest AnalysIR Update - The official V1 release of AnalysIR

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Latest AnalysIR Update - The official V1 release of AnalysIR

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Dublin, Ireland July 2016. The official V1 release of AnalysIR (July 2016 - Build 8109) is now available for download via our website linked below.

The latest release includes many significant new features and fixes which are summarised in the Release Notes. (via link below).

Some Highlights include:
- Over 100 base IR Protocols now supported, representing tens of thousands of devices.
- Support for LearnIR
- Support for A.IR Shield Nano
- Support for A.IR Shield Photon
- Support for A.IR Shield Rx
- Support for ESP8266 NodeMCU
- Support for RedBear DUO
- Support for Moteino
- Updated Documentation to reflect all updates & fixes since last official release
- More tooltips
- More menu options
- Improved Reverse Engineering for AC signals
- Improved Checksum calculator
- Additional Sample IR Signals added (12 sets in total)
- Windows 10 support.
- ...over 80 non-trivial Updates/Fixes added since last official release (396 to date)

>>> Download the latest AnalysIR release here <<<

As this is a significant update of AnalysIR, some users may wish to delay updating for several days, particularly those using AnalysIR in a commercial production environment. We will continue to provide download access to the previous release for the next week, in case there are any unforeseen issues with this release. Some users who have not updated since early 2015 may require a new KEY to be issued.

Finally, we would like to extend a big thanks to our many users from 80 countries around the world who have helped with feature requests, new protocols and testing over the last 3 years. Keep a look out for our new range of MakeIR infrared modules which we hope to launch soon.

The AnalysIR Team
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