How to convert HEX to PRONTO format.

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How to convert HEX to PRONTO format.

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We received the following request via email...
Hello. i want to know what is procedure to converting raw hex to pronto hex code. Plz Help me to know that
First you need to identify the protocol you are working with, as the HEX value of the IR signal does/may not contain enough information to convert to PRONTO or any other signal.
From the IR protocol description, you will need the carrier frequency and the timings for headers, trailers along with bit timings.
My suggestion is that you first record the signal using the RAW mode of IRremote or similar library.

Once you have the RAW timings, you should be able to find the specifications for the PRONTO RAW (or learned) format via web search. Then it is simply a matter of making the conversion which could be done on a spreadsheet or small script/sketch etc.

Alternatively, you could use our own AnalysIR application which supports conversion to/from a range of indutry formats including PRONTO.
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