Is AnalysIR the answer?

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Is AnalysIR the answer?

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I'm kind of new to this IR world. My current project is controlling Gree HVAC unit (remote YAP1FF) with ESP8266 (either ESP-12F or NodeMCU, haven't decided yet) thru MQTT/Home Assistant. So far, IRremoteESP8266 (IRrecvDumpV2) is incompletely decoding my remote; first 64bits are perfect but there's an other unrecognized 18bits stream (probably matching "advanced functions" such as sleep, ECO...). Could AnalysIR help me crack those? :?:

I'm on Linux platform using Arduino IDE and ESPlorer, I can run software on Win7 but how is AnalysIR is capturing data? Is it live (compatible with my setup by serial console) or using dump files?



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Re: Is AnalysIR the answer?

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AnalysIR is windows only, but can run on a Windows VM under Linux or OSX.

It provides a GUI & firmware for most common platforms (Arduino,esp etc)

These are connected to AnalysIR via a serial COM port.

You can use an Arduino or similar or one of our range of A.IR Shield modules (See our shop)
ESP, RPi & Photon can be connected via WiFi/LAN

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