Using a modulated IR signal

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Using a modulated IR signal

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I built a small shield that has a Vishay TSMP58000 receiver in order to see the exact IR data in AnalysIR. I used the Vishay classical scheme in their datasheet. I have connected it to the Arduino PIN 3 (I understood that PD3 is for modulated signal and PIN 2 for demodulated), and I used the AnalysIR Arduino Firmware.
Unfortunately AnalysIR does not show anything. :?

If I connect the data on PIN2 it shows data (garbage of course, because the signal is modulated).

- How it works exactly ?
- Is AnalysIR able to show and analyze original modulated data ?
- Should I set anything special in AnalysIR GUI or config ?


PS: Sorry if this is a duplicate message. But when I sent the original my browser creshed and I can't find it, so I assumed it was never sent.

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