USB IR Toy v222 Carrier Frequency

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USB IR Toy v222 Carrier Frequency

Post by arishy »

I have several IR remotes Some are pretty standard (NEC,SONY,Panasonic) and some odd one for my AC ,Satellite etc.
Is it possible to DETECT the carrier frequency ?? if yes then What to do to access it(apart from selecting the source)

From the readings I did, it seems you can but not always.....which is a bit vague !! What protocols are OK with the toy???

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Re: USB IR Toy v222 Carrier Frequency

Post by AnalysIR »

Hi Arishy
If you have a registered copy of AnalysIR, there is a menu function that does this for you. However, it is pretty manual.

Otherwise, you must issue a special (binary) command to the toy over serialUSB to retrieve the carrier frequency of the last received IR signal. Plus, you must keep the remote close to the smaller sensor.(~1cm) Details of this command are available via the vendor's website/support.

Our own IR modules, handle this automatically and at much greater ranges. (ref: LearnIR, and all the A.IR Shields)

We also sell IR component kits, that work with Arduinos and many MCU platforms together with provided firmware to report carrier frequency automatically to AnalysIR.

The toy should be able to handle most frequencies at 1m range, but it does use a 38kHZ receiver & othere frequencies would very much depend on the particular model installed on your board.

All of our modules (with IR Rx) measure all common IR carrier frequencies, when used with our firmware & AnalysIR. LearnIR also displays the frequency in real-time for every signal, via on-board display.

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