IR Codes Squawker McCaw robot parrot

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IR Codes Squawker McCaw robot parrot

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I have purchased a software program to read, playback , and store IR codes (<$20), ANALYSIR. If I had a Squawker McCaw remote, I could record these IR codes and post them. Recently I just purchased for my wife for Valentine's Day, a Squawker McCaw for $39.00 from ebay, no remote. My wife and our friends enjoy this robotic parrot very much. We would like to customize it, but it requires a remote. Looking for a remote or IR codes. Can any one help?

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Re: IR Codes Squawker McCaw robot parrot

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It does look like there is very little info on these IR codes online. - actually none.

I did a quick search and saw a post on this thread, where he said he has decoded the signals and was waiting to build a transmitter. (last post)

If you can contact the poster and get the signal information, we might be able to help re-create the signals.

... a bit of a long shot.

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