Exporting AC signals in Pronto Format from AnalysIR

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Exporting AC signals in Pronto Format from AnalysIR

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A user raised the following question:
I am working on a Raw IR Codes Provided by a Manufacturer. I want to Convert this Code to Pronto Hex to make it work with my Thermostate to fire it. I have tried using AnalysIR but cant figure out how to do it.
So we decided to share the answer to help other users in future....

Once you have the signal recorded into AnalysIR, follow these steps...

- Menu->Protocols->AC only or CTRL+ALT+P
- Menu->Power Tools->History Decode or ALT+H
- Menu->Power Tools->Clean History or CTRL+ALT+H
- Set carrier for all signals in History to 38 Hz
- Right click over History grid: Menu->Set Carrier Frequency->Set All to 38kHz
- Menu->File->Export IR Signal or CTRL+E
- Select Pronto from Export Format drop down
- Click Export from History
- All your signals will be in your Clipboard in Pronto format
- You can then paste into any other application
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