Any special tricks for Sony protocols?

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Any special tricks for Sony protocols?

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I'm trying to operate a Sony DVD player (~5 years old) with Kontrolir using codes captured from the OEM remote with Analysir & the Kontrolir. A couple of example codes are below:

KIRsend.sendSony(0x40B92, 20); //Sony RMT-D197A Key: 3
KIRsend.sendSony(0x490, 12); //Sony RMT-D197A Key: VOL+

Some buttons come up as 12 bit and some as 20 bit, which I believe is normal. The carrier frequency comes up as just under 40Khz, but not all the same. They vary from 39290 to 40020.

At any rate, the DVD player does not respond. I have tried configuring Analysir to decipher the codes as MSB, LSB and LSB8 to no avail. I have also tried suffixing the codes with "UL". From what I've read, Sony devices require a signal to be sent 3 times. Can I assume irremote takes care of that? I'm using version 2.6.0.

To be clear, I am operating several other devices with the Kontrolir using codes read from the OEM remotes in the exact same manner with success. This is just the first Sony. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Any special tricks for Sony protocols?

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SONY codes usually need to be sent 3 times with a gap(try 20-40ms). Did you try this?

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