RepeatIR question?

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RepeatIR question?

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We got the following query recently....which may be of interest to others with similar issues.
Can I use the RepeatIR to solve this: My LG tv has an IR receiver mostly blocked by a speaker when the remote is below the top of the speaker (my bed). I was hoping to have something to recieve the remote signal and relay it (repeater) to the receiver so I won\'t have to move the speaker, the tv, the bed, or worse of all raise my hand high to adjust the tv volume ;)

Typically a repeater needs to be in a different space to avoid interfering with itself.

They are usually used to repeat a signal into another room or inside a cabinet or vice-versa.

Some things you can try...instead.

- Put new batteries into your remote
- Aim the remote at the ceiling or some other surface to bounce the signal. (IR bounces off most surfaces)
- If there is still an issue, place a small mirror or reflective surface somewhere where you get an angle to bounce the signal around the speaker.
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