IR learner for USB IR Toy

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IR learner for USB IR Toy

Post by gaz99 »

My Arduino pro-micro board that I used for AnalysIR has died and I have decided to use the USB IR Toy that has been unused in the bits bin for ages.

I have tried to use a TSMP58000 with pins 1 & 2 swapped for the IR learner but I get no carrier freq reading in the software.

Can you recommend an alternative IR learner to the specified QSE159 ??


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Re: IR learner for USB IR Toy

Post by AnalysIR »

I am assuming there is no isue with the QSE159 on the IR Toy & that you have V2 of the IR toy. (Make sure the IR Toy is reported as V222 within AnalysIR)

I find that measuring of the IR carrier frequency requires putting the remote with 2 cms of the QSE159.

In the AnalysIR application, there is a dedicated menu feature for the IR Toy to retrieve the carier frequency of the last signal received, which works for me only when the remote is placed right next to the sensor.

You may find that following the above ,will resolve things for you.

Using a tSPM58000 should perform better than the QSE159, but the GND & IR_OUT pins are swapped.

Note: make sure you verify the pins on the PCB, and confirm which is VCC & GND with a DMM. {The QSE pinout in the data sheet is a bit confusing as to the orientaion of the pinouts.

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