Latest AnalysIR Update - April 2015 Release V1 preview #2

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Latest AnalysIR Update - April 2015 Release V1 preview #2

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Dublin, Ireland – 17th April 2015. We are happy to announce the latest ‘April 2015’ preview #2 release of AnalysIR to all our backers & supporters.

The latest release includes some significant new features and fixes which are summarised in the associated Release Notes. (via link below).

Some Highlights include:

- Over 60 IR Protocols supported.
- Window re-sizing (If only we had 4K+ monitor setups like some of our users!)
- Checksum calculator (mainly for AC signals)
- More settings remembered between sessions
- Unique bulk 'Auto-clean' feature for all signals in History.
- On-screen signal editing
- ..and lots lots more (details availabable in the release notes, in the installation package)

If you are an existing user of AnalysIR and haven't yet received details for downloading the intallation package, then simply send us an email.
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