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Setup & network trouble shooting

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:37 pm
by AnalysIR
A user had some problems getting the network connectin to the RPi established, and although most people find it straight forward to follow the instructions provided, we provided the following additional tips:

"while checking properties in analysir software i see default ip"
This probably means that you have not restarted AnalysIR to load the new settings or that you edited the wrong ini file to set the IP address of your RPi.
You can find the correct ini file via Menu->File->Explore on the main AnalysIR menu.

It is important to follow the instructions contained the infographic (pdf) provided in the installation package.

Pre-requisites for your installation include:
- LIRC installed
- Wiring instructions followed for the IR receiver and the optional TSMP58000
- A working network connection between your RPi and PC
- Your RPi is updated with the latest software/firmware

Otherwise follow the instructions below:

The analysirmod.c is a standalone utility that runs on the RPi to measure modulation frequency.
This is optional and not required to connect the RPi to AnalysIR.

Otherwise the main part is to use LIRC and have that send to AnalysIR over the network.

Some things to try out:

Confirm that the mode2 command works on your RPi and you can receive signals that are displayed on the RPi
If you can see data appearing on the screen when you press a key on your remote then LIRC & mode2 are working OK
If not, you have a problem with LIRC or your remote or your wiring of the IR receiver(s)

Run the socat command in the attached pdf on your RPi
Then open a terminal/command window on Windows and type the following
ping (to confirm you can connect to the RPi over the network)
telnet 25
where is the IP address of your PRi.

Only when you can receive data via this telnet command is your network set up correctly.
If you don't get anything via telnet, then you have one of the following problems
- RPi configuration not allowing use of port 25 (try changing this in socat command & on PC
- your network or PC is blocking port 25 (....try another port)

Hopefully these steps will assist in resolving any potential issues.

Re: Setup & network trouble shooting

Posted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:57 pm
by AnalysIR
Good news - our user has just emailed to say that everything is now working fine, after following these instructions.

Great :)